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Pectin Plus® is a Unique Formulation Combining:
Citrus Pectin, Cilantro Extract and Odorless Garlic Extract.

Citrus Pectin is a plant fiber obtained from the rind and peel of citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines. Structurally, pectin is classified as a water soluble, complex polysaccharide, rich in the sugar - galactose. At a molecular level, pectin is a strong binding agent, which is why it is thought to help support healthy detoxification and healthy cholesterol.

Citrus pectin is very bioavailable and has a galactose rich make-up, which research suggests may help:

  • support Healthy Detoxification
  • promote Healthy Immune Response
  • promote Healthy cell growth
  • promote Cardiovascular Health
Cilantro and Garlic have been included in the Pectin Plus® formula because they both support cardiovascular health, while also supporting healthy detoxification as well.

NEW Pectin Plus® has been upgraded . . . It now comes in a 100% vegetable capsule and is also 100% Wild crafted . . . which means that unlike any other detoxification support product in the market . . . Pectin Plus® is certified pesticide-free. Click here to read more about the Wild Crafted advantage.

Pectin Plus® helps support Healthy Detoxification

In today's world, more than ever, we are exposed to a wide variety of toxins: They're in our air, food and water, in the workplace and at home. We even generate toxins within our own bodies. Our bodies are designed to be self-cleansing and self-healing. The internal detoxification process is an automatic daily procedure of the major detoxification organs. Toxins, however produce irritation and inflammation, adding to the burden of our digestive system. When our digestive system becomes overwhelmed, it is no longer able to adequately perform detoxification functions. This is a condition called "toxic overload".

Exposure to toxins results in an increased production of free radicals which over time damage or age our body tissues. Long term "toxic overload" may result in metabolic and genetic alternations that can affect cell growth, behavior and immune response. This is because the molecular structures of toxins are carcinogenic as they interact with human DNA. The World Health Organization has implicated environmental toxic chemicals in over 60 to 80 per cent of all cancer cases.

Scientists estimate that over 50 percent of U.S. residents have too much heavy metal in their bodies. These metals, which include lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic, are found in industrial byproducts as well as in tainted drinking water, pesticides and even things as common as dental fillings and cooking utensils. Once these chemicals are inside us, we can never fully eliminate them unless we undergo a detoxification process. As a result, most of us need some form of detoxification.

In the past, detoxification has been administered to recovering alcoholics and drugs addicts, cancer patients and people with severe allergies. Nowadays it is adopted by healthy individuals to maintain their body systems in pristine condition. Detoxification can make a big difference in optimizing the bodily functions. It is one of the best ways to remain healthy in a polluted and toxic environment.

Signs that Detoxification is Needed:

  • unexplained headaches or back pain
  • joint pain or arthritis
  • memory is failing
  • depression or lack energy
  • brittle nails and hair
  • psoriasis
  • abnormal body odor, coated tongue or bad breath
  • unexplained weight gain
  • frequent allergies
History that may indicate Detoxification is needed:
  • heavy alcohol use
  • natural and synthetic steroid hormone use
  • exposure to cleaning solvents, pesticides, diuretics and certain drugs
The Pectin Plus® unique formula may help support healthy detoxification.

Citrus Pectin and Detoxification

The standard western medical approach for removing heavy metals from the body is chelation therapy. This procedure, performed with harsh chelators introduced intravenously, can cause multiple side effects, while potentially robbing the body of some of its essential nutrients.

Citrus Pectin's support of healthy detoxification, as a gentle chelator has been studied extensively.

Cilantro and Detoxification

Cilantro has long been thought to decrease heavy metals levels in the body and increase their levels in the urine. One of the first researchers to study cilantro was Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, who quite by accident discovered that it helpes support healthy detoxification.

Click Here to read more about cilantro research.

Garlic and Detoxification

The sulfhydryl (sulfur and hydrogen) compounds in garlic are thought to be potent chelators of toxic heavy metals, binding with them so that they can be excreted. Garlic also aids in the detoxification of peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide. In addition, garlic extract increases the glutathione level and glutathione related enzymes, which help support detoxification of the body.

Pectin Plus® Helps Support Healthty Cholesterol

Citrus Pectin and Cardiovascular Health

Several studies published in the 1990s (the Journal of Nutrition and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) have examined the effect pectin has on cholesterol levels. The results were very impressive.

The effect that Citrus Pectin has on the way cholesterol forms plaque (the sticky substance which adheres to blood vessel walls, clogging and restricting blood flow) has also been studied, with very impressive results as well.

Click Here to read more Citrus Pectin and cardiovascular health.

Cilantro and Cardiovascular Health

As discussed above, cilantro helps support healthy detoxification. In this capacity, cilantro may also help support cardiovascular health as well. It is theorized that if you support healthy detoxification, then you've helped support the removal of the source of millions of free radicals, which may be supportive of cardiovascular health as well.

Click Here to read more about cilantro research.

Garlic and Cardiovascular Health

Through its extensive use as an herbal supplement, garlic's properties have been well documented over the years. Modern science too has shown that garlic has some very impressive properties as well. The body does not appear to build up resistance to garlic, so its properties which support cardiovascular health may continue over time.

The nutrition committee of the American Heart Association now publicly acknowledges garlic's potential in helping to support cardiovascular health.

Click Here to read more about garlic research.

Pectin Plus® Promotes Healthy Cell Growth

Citrus Pectin and Cancer

Conventional cancer treatment involves surgery to remove primary tumors, followed by chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of treatments designed to eradicate all remaining traces of cancer. This follow-up therapy is critical for addressing the biggest threat from cancer - the formation of secondary cancers, or metastases. Metastases are not new or different cancers, but rather new cancer colonies started from primary cancer cells that have migrated to new sites. Sites where metastases commonly occur include the bones, lungs, prostate, kidney, liver, thyroid and brain. Left unchecked, metastases can quickly overwhelm the body's defenses. In fact, it is metastases, not primary tumors that are responsible for most cancer deaths.

Scientists used to think cancer cells were individual actors, and that even a single cell escaping from the main tumor would likely start a new colony elsewhere in the body. But now we know that cancer growth is more of a "group activity". Just as a platoon of soldiers is more powerful than a single rifleman, cancer cells are more dangerous when they assemble and clump together. To do this, they must communicate with and bind to one another. That cell-to-cell interaction is made possible by special protein molecules called galectins that sit on the outer surfaces of the cancer cells.

After a cancer cell has broken free from its primary tumor (or is accidentally dislodged during surgery) it floats freely through the blood and lymph systems until it eventually becomes trapped in a small blood vessel (microcapillary). Firmly lodged in the microcapillary, galectins on the surface of the cancer cell start to bind to galactose receptors on endothelial cells (the cells that form the inside lining of blood vessels). After securely attaching to the endothelium, the cancer cells penetrate through and invade the blood vessel walls.

The final step in establishing a new tumor colony is the release of chemical signals that trigger new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis). The new blood vessels will supply the cancer cells with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

It is thought that the powerful attraction between galectins and galactose relates to how Citrus Pectin may help promote healthy cell growth. Galectins and galactoses work much like a car's key and ignition. Only the correct key will fit into the ignition and activate the engine. Other keys may "fit", but they will not "fit" quite right - they will only jam the ignition and prevent it from working. Galactose rich Citrus Pectin has a strong binding affinity for galectins and being the "wrong key" has the ability to jam up the "molecular ignition", preventing the right key from getting in.

Of all diseases, Citrus Pectin has been studied most extensively for prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers in men.

Click Here to read more about research on Citrus Pectin and Cancer.

Garlic and Cancer

The wide variety of organic sulfides and polysulfides conntained in garlic have been the subject of many studies investigating the realtionship between garlic and cancer. The conclusions of these studies have certainly merited additional research on this important subject.

Cilantro and Cancer

In that healthy detoxification is thought to be supportive of healthy cell growth, cilantro being such a good supporter of healthy detoxification, may also be important in promoting healthy cell growth.

Organic versus Wild Crafted

Many of our customers have asked why Pectin Plus® is not "certified organic" ?
After all . . . It only makes sense, that if you are concerned with detoxification, the last thing in the world you would want to do is take a product which may introduce toxic pesticides into your body. We have heard this feedback and quite frankly we agree, which is why we have upgraded Pectin Plus® . . . and can now assure you that Pectin Plus® is 100% pesticide-free.

As we researched the feasibility of upgrading the ingredients of Pectin Plus®, from "conventionally grown" to "certified organic", we were unable to find any sources for the "certified organic" raw materials we required. We were however, able to find some providers which did have "ethically wild crafted" sources for the raw materials we required. Certainly, since our main objective in upgrading Pectin Plus® was to make it a pesticide-free product . . . the decision to use "ethically wild crafted" raw materials was a "no brainer".

It does beg the question . . . What exactly is the difference between "certified organic" and "ethically wild crafted"?

In order to make the label claim of "certified organic", a product must adhere to the strict regulations set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These standards guarantee consumers that none of the ingredients used in the products have been genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, contaminated by sewage sludge, or harvested with synthetic fertilizer.

Products that are labeled "ethically wild crafted" on the other hand, consist of ingredients that have been harvested and gathered in their natural setting. In addition, the methods used to ensure sustainability reassure consumers that the crops that are used in their products are not in danger of extinction.

The differences between "certified organic" and "ethically wild crafted" are not always clear.  Both "certified organic" and "wild crafted" ingredients are free from pesticides.  Both are picked with the sustainability of the crop as a top priority and both are harvested with the conservation of the surrounding areas in mind.

We hope that you will appreciate the new and improved Pectin Plus® which we can proudly say does is pesticide-free. There is NO other detoxification product in the market (that we know of) which can honestly provide the same level of assurance! Pectin Plus® is not only a very effective detoxifyer but is also very safe . . . We believe Pectin Plus® is quite simply THE BEST HEALTHY DETOXIFICATION SUPPORT PRODUCT out there!

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Pectin Plus®
• Supports Healthy Detoxification
• Supports Healthy Cholesterol
• Supports Cardiovascular Health
• Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure
• Promotes Healthy Cell Growth
• Promotes Healthy Immune Response

• Citrus Pectin
• Garlic extract (odorless)
• Cilantro extract

Suggested use:
3 capsules twice per day
180 capsules per bottle (30 day supply)

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        • Beta Sitosterol
        • Beta Glucan
        • Cromax®
        • Soy Isoflavones

Suggested use:
1 capsules twice per day
60 capsules per bottle (30 day supply)

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